Friday, June 11, 2010

byobu - new funky wrapper for screen command

screen command was always been a very helpful tool for system admins.

byobu is a wrapper script over screen.

Best part is that it looks good.

You can also configure status notifications which will be displayed in the bottom screen. This is useful in monitoring the system while working in the terminal.

In Fedora, you can install byobu using following command.
# yum install byobu

Some useful shortcuts from man byobu

F2 - Create a new window

F3 - Move to previous window

F4 - Move to next window

F5 - Reload profile

F6 - Detach from this session

F7 - Enter copy/scrollback mode

F8 - Re-title a window

F9 - Configuration Menu

F12 - Lock this terminal
Run 'byobu' command to start the script.